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Sold in Sets of 10 each. (Various Sayings)


Introducing our Sentiment Cards, the perfect way to share your thoughts and feelings, whatecer those may be, with those around you.  Whether it be words of encouragement or an expression of ones honest opinion.  Our Apprciation cards give thanks for either a kind word or deed, perfect for a health care professional, law enforcement officer, military or civil servent; our Sunshine Cards spread encouragement and share postive reinforcements, great for those having a bad day, feeling down or just in need of a little happyness; then there are our Stormcloud Cards for those moments when the spoken word just isn't enough to express sarcastic yet honest message.   Novelty, appreciation, affirmation, sarcasm, and honesty all in one.  Our Sentiment Cards have you covered. Each card is carefully designed to perfectly capture the sentiment you want to convey, making it easy to share your feelings. With a variety of designs and sentiments to choose from, you'll always find the perfect card for any occasion. Spread a little extra love and laughter or just an honest thought with our Sentiment Cards today!

Sentiment Cards

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